Writing an Essay for a Movie? This Is Your Ultimate Guide

Everyone loves watching movies, but when it comes to writing about them, all goes blank. A lot of people watch movies as their pastime, and they leave it at that. It’s different when watching movies, making a critic out of it.

Students are often faced with assignments about movie essays. This means that even though they get a pass for watching movies, they need to produce an output.

When confronted with this dilemma, what should you do? How can you concentrate on the movie and give a good analysis? Is there an easy way to write movie essays?

Continue reading below and we’ll give you great tips on writing a movie analysis or a movie review. It’s time to sharpen up your essay-writing skills!


Organizing Your Thoughts for a Film Analysis Essay

“What’s the first thing to do when I start to write my essay?” This is the most common question students ask themselves.

Remembering the key points of the movie is only half the work you need to do. The other half is making sure you materialize your thoughts into an essay.

  • Starting Your Introduction

This is where the important details should be in. Things like the title of the movie, the name of the director, the film’s release date, and so on should be in it. Have your readers familiarize themselves with the movie’s background information.

Add the central theme of the movie or the idea that it conveys. It also helps when you write about the reasons for the creation of the film. Add in your thoughts. Don’t be afraid to state your opinions this early.

Build up your introduction to show what your focus is. Be clear to your readers on what direction the essay will go.

  • Telling the Story

Start this section by writing a summary of the film. After you present the facts mentioned above, it’s time to get down to the actual content. How do you write a good summary?

Write like your readers haven’t watched the film at all. The more you write about your experience, the stronger your points are. It’s like telling a story to a friend whom you’re eager to share the movie with.

If you start thinking that your readers rely on you for information, the less that you’ll miss details. To make sure you’ve covered all the bases,  use the five Ws.

  1. Who
  2. What
  3. When
  4. Where
  5. Why
  6. And add in How

In this part, you can insert your own opinions and explanations. Depending on your style, make sure you always have something valid to support your theory. Take advantage of movie scenes, character dialogues, and conflicts to prove your point.

  • Dig into Your Analysis

This is the part where you pour the information you’ve gathered. It’s the central part of your essay where you address your impressions and critic about the film. How do you explain what you’ve watched?

Begin by discussing whether the film met its goal. As a viewer, do you agree with the claims of the movie? Did the movie deliver what it promised? Was the theme of the movie used well to convey its message? You can ask a hundred other things depending on what you want to focus on.

A film has a lot of elements that it presents. You can discuss all or pick out certain parts that you find relevant. It will give depth to your analysis when you know what elements to bring up.


What Should I Focus On As I Write My Essay?

Below are some key movie elements you might want to highlight in your essay. You can cover them all for more details or choose to elaborate on one topic to prove your point.

  • The plot

A movie relies on its plot. If you watch a film for its plot, you can choose to decide whether it’s good or not. The plot is where the scenes come together, where the events take place, and how the film presents itself.

After you’ve watched the film, recall the plot from the mind. Check what you’ve understood from the movie and what its plot means for you. Pick out scenes that gave you an impact or those that you find interesting.

  • The actors’ portrayal of characters

If you feel like one or two of the cast did a phenomenal job, you can write about them. If you feel otherwise, you can explain your opinions as well.

This is also an important element in analyzing a film as actors bring the characters into life. Look into the portrayal of the characters. Were the actors able to bring them to life? Did they do justice to the characters they are playing? Are they are realistic enough to make you believe their characters?


How to Conclude Your Movie Essay

This is where you conclude. Make it a small review of your theory or opinions and how you relate them with facts from the movie.

Make sure that you make a case for the film analysis that you’ve presented beforehand. Always go back to your original theory or concept about the film. You can also address any unanswered questions.

The key is understanding what you’re watching. If it helps, watch the movie once for its plot, twice for its characters, thrice for its cinematography, and so on. This will give you a lot of angles to write about.






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