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Best Gimbals to Shoot the Best Dynamic Footage

Shaky shots don’t help the outcome of dynamic footage. No matter how stable your hands or any other equipment you own may be, you will always be confronted with a scene that has stabilization problems. Of course, there is equipment that has built-in image stabilization, and you could also use a monopod or tripod. However, …

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How to Make a Good Call Sheet

You can’t start filming without a call sheet – first of all, because no one will know when and where to show up.  By definition, a call sheet is a form of document that has written on it all the information that the cast and crew have to know regarding a certain shoot day. Making …

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All You Should Know About Lighting Technicians’ Hand Signals

One of the biggest problems that filmmakers encounter on the set of a movie is the sounds – be them background sounds or random sounds that the teams behind the camera make. Moreover, it’s much easier to make a two-sequence hand signal than scream what you want to say to a guy that’s on the …

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