Korean Dramas – How Can You Write an Outstanding Essay on Them?

Korean culture has been growing in popularity over the years. Whether you’re into the famous K-pop bands or into their movies, something is surely appealing about them. But if you haven’t really been into them, it would be hard to make an essay on Korean dramas, for instance. So, if you’ve been assigned this topic or you just want to write it due to the popularity around the topic, then you need to do a lot of research. How can you write an essay on Korean dramas and make it good?

Here are some tips that might help you out.

  1. Start Researching

The first thing to do is, of course, researching your subject. It shouldn’t take too long to find something useful. Korean dramas are extremely popular, so you’ll get some quick results. Research everything, especially the most popular series that people seem to be into and figure out what makes them so loved. Also, try to notice the particular elements that Korean people use in their dramas that make them so enjoyable.

  1. Introduce the Subject

Every essay starts with an introduction paragraph, where the topic is being told to the reader. When you start the Korean dramas essay, try to get the person reading it to become familiar with the subject. That said, you can talk, for example, about people’s infatuation with Korean dramas, and mention a few ones that have stolen people’s hearts. In addition, you can also mention how Korean dramas are very popular outside Korea too, thanks to the uniqueness they add to their work.

When you’re done with making a general introduction about Korean dramas, you need to make a thesis statement. A thesis statement pretty much establishes what your paper is going to focus on. So, if you’re going to talk about the influence of Korean dramas, you need to let the reader know that the essay will prove why Korean dramas are influential. Same works with any other topic you choose.

  1. Talk About It in the Body

When you get to the body, there is one thing that you need to know – the body needs to support the main points that you presented in your thesis. So, you will have a few main ideas here that will be proven through the research you’ve done before working on the paper.

Therefore, if you’re writing about why Korean dramas are so popular outside of Korea, then you need three main ideas as to why that is. But they need to be backed up by factual evidence. There can also be support from experiences, but it depends on your assignment.

Also, you need to know that body paragraphs need to be organized logically. They need to flow from each other without sounding robotic and confusing the reader. Keep in mind that every main idea should be related to the topic of the essay. That being said, you shouldn’t add anything that is off topic. Even if you think it will sound nice and you’ll get points for that, you’re wrong. What you should do is ask yourself if that specific information does anything relevant to prove the question set in the thesis. If the answer is “no”, then don’t add that information.

  1. Conclude it Properly

Every essay should end with a conclusion, and thus not just stop abruptly and leave people confused. In conclusion, you will establish the fact that you were able to answer the question set at the beginning of the essay. It brings everything together and wraps it up, thus giving your readers some closure. Just make sure that you don’t add anything new related to Korean dramas here. You just have to make a little summary of the main ideas.

After the conclusion, write your citations and bibliography.

Final Thoughts

Writing an essay about Korean dramas can be a very entertaining thing to do, especially if you’re already a fan of these dramas. They are popular and you can easily find some information that will make for useful research. If you find information in Korean yet you don’t speak the language, you can always seek Korean translation services and get easier access to the data you need.

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